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Grants program overview

The AIC, through its Director (Chief Executive) is responsible for the annual Criminology Research grants program – taking into account the advice and recommendations of the Criminology Research Advisory Council (CRAC).

The principal objectives of the CRG program are: to support research that is relevant to current and future public policy issues, foster the undertaking of quality criminological research and ensure that supported research is disseminated effectively.

The Advisory Council provides a forum for Attorneys-General and their representatives around Australia to assess needs in the field of criminological research and to fund specific research projects in universities, government agencies and elsewhere. The fund receives contributions every year from the Australian, state and territory governments.

Research funded through the program addresses the national research priorities in a number of ways. Protecting Australia from crime and strengthening the social and economic fabric under priority areas 2 and 4 are of particular relevance. Research has improved the evidence base for policy and practice, as well as public awareness of major types of offending, victimisation risk factors, and effective measures to reduce and prevent crime.

Funds may be disseminated through the research grants program or through the funding of research consultancies. Taking into account the advice of the Advisory Council, when the Director authorises consultancies to be undertaken, topics of policy importance for research are identified and funds may be provided to an appropriate agency, or expressions of interest may be sought through public advertisement. Such research consultancies could be designed to contribute to, or complement, the work of national initiatives by other organisations, or state/territory initiatives that have clear policy or best practice implications for other governments within Australia.

Through the library, these AIC-funded research reports are listed on Libraries Australia and also on CINCH, the Australian criminology database, which is publicly available online. With hundreds of libraries Australia-wide participating in Libraries Australia, reports receive wide coverage. Details of CRG-funded projects, and the reports submitted in fulfilment of the projects, are posted on the AIC's website.

Under grant funding arrangements, the grantees are able to distribute their final report themselves. Many researchers choose to publish in the form of books and journal articles, making them readily available to the broader community. They also distribute copies to appropriate government departments and agencies. Grantees must also provide a draft paper, which may be produced for publication in the AIC's Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice series, or where appropriate in the Research and public policy series.

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