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Appendix 1 : Consent form

published in:
Family violence : young people and youth sector workers, informing government about the implementation of mandatory reporting in Victoria
Danny Sandor and Julian Bondy
ISBN 07311 0575 3
Fitzroy, Vic. : Youth Affairs Council of Victoria, 1995
Criminology Research Council grant ; (15/93-4)
October 1995

Teenagers and Family Violence : Informing each other - informing the State Government

The Victorian Government is introducing a new law designed to help protect young people from domestic violence and abuse. This new legislation will make reporting of any suspected abuse at home mandatory by workers with young people. (e.g. Teachers, Youth Workers, Doctors etc.) The success of this new law depends upon how well people understand it and are aware of it.

To find out the best way of telling people of this new law we need to look not only at past consumers of the protective services but also that of a wider group of young people in the community.

We would like you to participate in a focus group of with about 8-12 other young people talking about how you think the new law will work, how other young people and workers with young people should be made aware of the new law and how successful you think this law will be at stopping violence and abuse in the home.

Each focus session will take no more than two hours and it will be tape recorded.

Everything said shall be treated as confidential and no individual shall be identifiable from any of the results.

Remember, if you want to withdraw from the group you can without any problems. Also if you don't want to comment on any particular issue you don't have to.

If you have any questions about this project please contact me (my name is Julian Bondy) at the Department of Community Affairs Administration, RMIT or phone me on 353.9263

This project has been reviewed and approved by the Human Ethics Committee of RMIT

Any questions or complaints about your participation in this project may be directed to the Secretary of the Human Ethics Committee, RMIT, 124 Latrobe Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000. The telephone number is 662.0611

I, the participant have read the information above and any questions that I have asked have been answered to my satisfaction. I agree to take part in this focus group and I know that I can withdraw from the group at any time without problem.

____________________________	_____________
Participant's Name              Date

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Investigator's Name             Date

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