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Appendix 3 : Focus group questions

published in:
Family violence : young people and youth sector workers, informing government about the implementation of mandatory reporting in Victoria
Danny Sandor and Julian Bondy
ISBN 07311 0575 3
Fitzroy, Vic. : Youth Affairs Council of Victoria, 1995
Criminology Research Council grant ; (15/93-4)
October 1995

Broad questions for focus groups

  1. What do young people know about the legislation which governs child protection in Victoria?
    • What do you know about the Child Protection Laws in Victoria?
    • Do you think these laws are important ?
    • Who makes the laws?
    • What might some of the laws be?
  2. What situations encountered by young people necessitate state protection/intervention?
    • In what situation should the department of Health and Community Services become involved?
    • Do they need to be involved?
    • Should young people have a choice wheather or not Health and Community Services are involved?
    • When do the Police need to be told about a young persons situation?
    • What sort of action can the Police take?
  3. What factors inhibit or encourage young peoples willingness to disclose different sorts of abuse?
    • What sorts of things might stop young people from reporting abuse? (give reasons)
    • What sorts of things might make it easier for young people to talk about the abuse? (give reasons)
  4. What are young peoples immediate needs when disclosing abuse?
    • What sort of support might a young person need when talking about abuse?
    • What kind of information might they need?
    • What kinds of services might be good for them to know about?
  5. To what extent and in what circumstances have young peoples wishes been catered for during Protective Intervention?
    • Do you think young people have a choice about what happens to them?
    • Do you think young people should have choices in the Protective System?
    • Why or why not? (give raesons)
  6. What is an ideal way for a worker to respond when abuse is diclosed?
    • What might be some of the things that a worker should do for a young person when they talk about abuse?
    • Are these things important?
  7. If a Youth worker reports abuse to the department of Health and Community Services, What are the minimum practice standards for any investigation and intervention that follows?
    • What happens when a Youth worker makes a report to Health and Community Services? (give reasons)
    • What sort of action does Health and Community Services take when a report is made?

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