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Appendix 4 : Information sheet

published in:
Family violence : young people and youth sector workers, informing government about the implementation of mandatory reporting in Victoria
Danny Sandor and Julian Bondy
ISBN 07311 0575 3
Fitzroy, Vic. : Youth Affairs Council of Victoria, 1995
Criminology Research Council grant ; (15/93-4)
October 1995

YACVic/ RMIT Family Violence and Young People Project

Information Sheet for Participants and Parents.

Thank you very much for your interest in the Family Violence and Young People Project. This Project is funded by the Criminology Research Council.

The main goals of the Project are to find out what young people know and recommend about the child protection system and the new "Mandatory Reporting Laws", in order to improve services for all adolescents. We will do this by running 25 separate focus groups with 8 to 12 Young People aged between 12 and 16.

Focus groups will be run by two young people who have been trained in peer research and in the issues around mandatory reporting and the Child Protection System. The Focus Groups have been designed to be as relaxed and impersonal as possible.

The Young People in the group will be asked a series of questions designed to obtain information about their thoughts and suggestions. None of the questions will lead discussion into any areas of personal experience of the participants.

Participants will be paid $12 each for their transport costs, time and input. Participation in focus groups is voluntary, so if anyone wants to leave for any reason, they may.

It is a condition of the research grant that the Focus Groups are recorded. Tapes will be transcribed onto a computer, then destroyed. The first names need only be used in focus groups, then there is no need to keep any records of the names of the participants. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Thanks again for your interest and we hope to see you in a focus group soon!

Valerie Villinger and Chris Sims
Peer Researchers, Youth Affairs Council of Victoria.

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