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Strategic plan 2009-2010


The Criminology Research Council (Council) was established by the Criminology Research Act 1971, which implemented arrangements agreed between the Commonwealth and the States for the establishment of an Australian Institute of Criminology, a Criminology Research Council and a Criminology Research Fund. The Council controls and administers the Fund, from which grants are made to researchers undertaking criminological research projects.

Criminological research is defined as research undertaken in connection with the causes, correction and prevention of criminal behaviour; and related matters.

The Criminology Research Act provides that, in administering the Fund the Council is to examine and determine the relative importance and urgency of projects of criminological research for which the expenditure of moneys from the Fund may be authorised. The Act also provides that the functions of the Australian Institute of Criminology include those of advising the Council in relation to the need for, and programs of, criminological research, and providing secretarial and administrative services for the Council.


The Council consists of 9 members, comprising a representative of the Commonwealth and of each State and Territory. The Commonwealth representative is appointed by the Attorney-General and the State and Territory representatives are appointed by the Attorney-General on the nomination of the responsible State or Territory Minister.


To foster high quality criminological research of both a traditional and innovative nature so as to inform current and future public policy development.


The Council:

Principal objectives

To undertake and provide funding for criminological research which is relevant to public policy and to promote the value and use of such research.

Objective strategy

  1. Set research priorities which are relevant to current and future public policy issues.
    1. Consult regularly with relevant Ministers, criminal justice policy officers and academics.
    2. Dedicate an annual CRC meeting to setting priorities for the forthcoming year.
    3. Every second year CRC to hold strategy meeting with principal research stakeholders.
  2. Foster the undertaking of quality criminological research which reflects Council's priorities.
    1. Provide grants for general research.
    2. Provide grants for targeted research.
    3. Provide support for commissioned consultancy projects.
    4. Continue the CRC research fellow (2 year non renewable term).
    5. Promote the greater use of collaborative and joint funding for projects involving government agencies, research organisations and the CRC.
  3. Ensure CRC supported criminological research is disseminated effectively.
    1. All projects to be considered at time of completion for appropriate public dissemination strategy.
    2. Ensure availability of publications and information to interested stakeholders through use of CRC/AIC website and targeted distribution in all jurisdictions.

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