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Fear of crime


Volume 1 reviews theoretical and methodological approaches to the analysis of fear of crime as shown in the literature and community programs. It offers a preliminary review of community and government programs which have been designated in relation to fear of crime issues. The volume explains the rationale for field work and outlines some steps to reducing fear of crime.

The second stage of the Fear of Crime project involved the development, implementation and evaluation of pilot projects addressing fear of crime issues. Volume 2 contains three separate field work studies composed of a main study examining general fear of crime, and two further studies looking at fear of crime related to transport and the media.

Volume 3 (summary volume) contains brief details on the background and methodology of the Fear of Crime project and highlights the important findings of the research. It also outlines implications for policy and practice arising from the research which aim to take the research findings forward, providing practitioners and policy makers with pointers for program implementation.

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